Spring Date Look + How I Deal W/ Blog Stress







*Photos by Sara Adel Photos


Y’all, polka dots are ! But I’m not mad at it. I’ve been obsessing over polka dot patterns. When I asked in an insta poll a couple of weeks ago you guys voted for more patterned looks. If you have realized yet, you ask and I listen 🙂

Can I be real for a sec? Something that weighs on my mind a lot is how inconsistent with my blog I am at times. It ANNOYS me so freaking much!! I wish I had loads of time to dedicate to my baby, and trust me when I have my free time I do. I will shoot multiple looks in a day or multiple makeup looks in an evening after work. Working full-time, having a social life, and squeezing in my workouts are all time-consuming things that I LOVE and need in my life. But what I have learned is that I love my blog, so I make time for it. But if I’m super tired or not feeling well I will listen to my body and go to bed early. It is so hard when everywhere you look for tips, yep I still look, on the web, you read how “consistency is key” #MAJORKEY. I will seriously beat myself up over that, and trust me you shouldn’t. Blogging is fun! It should not ever feel like a chore. Most of my stress evolves because I want The Beauty Behavior to have lots of success. Through the ups and the downs of starting my blog there are 2 huge tips I’ve learned and want to share:

  1. Change Your Mindset: The way you think and the relationship you have with yourself is so IMPORTANT! I used to always tell myself “who am I to have a successful anything, much less a successful blog”. The more I learn about myself the more I am telling myself who am I NOT to have a successful blog? You can have a successful whatever you want too! The world is big enough for all of us! If you want to start a blog or even if you already have a blog you can kill it! Just believe you can and you’re already half way there 🙂
  2. Plan Ahead: So this isn’t quite like change your mindset, it its a little more conventional (but that I’ve found it is important). This is where I struggle. Here is my advice, mark some time out of your weekly schedule to dedicate to your blog and you will see your organization rise and your stress levels lower. Even if it is 1-2 days a week.  Does your blog cause you stress? No? That’s amazing! I am a crazy planner woman, so everything with my life goes into my planner. I jot down anything blog related in a different color  (obnoxious bright pink) that way I know what is what. Even if it is when I work on my blog or shoot content and that works for me! Everyone is different so just find what that is and stick with it! It works to have a plan


Don’t waste your precious moments in life stressing about your blog, just be yourself, take my tips, or create some of your own, and you’ll see your blog happen organically. I hope you leave this post (especially if you are a fellow blogger) feeling relieved. One more thing… remember to live 🙂


until next time!

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