Spring OOTD. 🌹 For Under $100


Whenever anyone asks what my personal style is I always reply with,”depends on the day and the occasion”. That is the best thing about clothes is that they allow such expression! I love to express myself through different things, but clothing and makeup are so therapeutic. Let me be real with you this outfit was all under $100. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find clothes! These platform sandals (which btw come in a ton of colors) were a huge hit last year and still are in my opinion! They look so cute with different outfits and add a little oomph to your ootd.

If you’re going to buy any items from this fit, BUY THE JEANS! I have a love/hate battle with finding a perfect pair of jeans. These high-rise ankle jeans are amazing. High rise pants have been my jam lately. Plus they’re under $30 holllla. I’ve already mentioned on my insta how much I love patterns for this season. I used to be so afraid of it. Idk why I guess I thought I couldn’t pull it off. But this Rose top just spoke to me which is currently 40% off!

Oh, BTW friends follow me on the liketoKNOWit app. I mean im not like the greatest to ever do it liketoKNOWit girl but Im trying LOL. Whenever you download the app any liketoKNOWit enabled photo I post (that you like or screenshot) will send you an email with all ootd details, prettyyyy sweet.

Photos by Sara adel photos

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