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Small Storage Tips + Tricks

Stopping by today to talk all about

It can be such a pain in the a$*. Trust me, I wish that my closet and makeup space could look like the celebrities, but lets face reality… it doesn’t. For most people we just have a very limited amount of space in our homes where we can put clothes, shoes, and makeup. That is where I pop in. I am here to tell you all about how I store my shit. Well, the good stuff (shoes, clothes, jewelry) I’ll save makeup for another day/post since this one will be pretty lengthy on its own. So, pop some popcorn and pour a glass of wine 🍷 (red if you’re like me3🍷) and lets get to organization.

Now I know what you may be thinking… this is so different than what she usually posts about. Organization is something I feel so strong about.


When my things are in an order I feel at peace. Yes, this could be a slight case of OCD but it really makes me happy. My space does get messy. I am only human, I know it won’t always be clean, but I like for it to be as clean as possible. Am I alone? do ya feel me? Haha! I will break this post up into sections so that it is easy to follow!


How I store my jewelry is probably the most simple. All of my earrings, nice necklaces, chokers, etc are stored in a jewelry box very similar to this one! I like to keep my real pieces stored away.

jewelry box1Wooden Jewelry Armoire |$95.00

jewelry box2Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet  | $78.94

jewelry box 3

Clear Glass Jewelry Box | $29.99

These really don’t take up that much space in a bedroom and can double as furniture. I have a picture of Christian and I and a candle on mine!

I like to have my jewelry that I wear on a weekly basis out for me to see. my watches, my favorite bracelets, and necklaces are hung on jewelry wall hanger

wall hanger1Manzanita Wall Branch | $99

wall hanger2Triangle Wooden Organizer |$38.65

I thought those were really cool, and don’t forget you could always do a DIY project. This wall hanger idea was all my grandmas! She is super creative.

The way i store my bags may seem confusing to some, but if you’ve been to my house than you know the method to my madness. I store the bags i use the most (purses if you will) on hooks in my closet. This includes my purse i use currently and any small clutches or purses I’ll use on nights out.

Of course some bags are stored under my bed  in containers, but for my other bags… I store them inside each other. Does anyone else do this? I’ll take any backpacks, overnight totes that can be folded, beach bags, etc and store them inside my big bags! Then once everything is packed inside the big duffle bag I will put them in a large drawer under the daybed in my bedroom. This method could easily work in a closet space or under the bed! Try it if you haven’t I swear this helps so so much and keeps all your bags in one place.


How I store my shoes is pretty straight forward. I use “shoe under” for underneath my bed. All of my sneakers go in there! This may sound a little crazy… but I also use an old entertainment center… yes like one a TV goes into to store the rest of my shoes. Just imagine an old school entertainment center without the entertainment. Here my heels, sandals, and any other shoes live. I also switch out my shoes for the season. So all my winter shoes are packed away and stored under my bed in clear containers.

I also like Shoe Slots!


My closet is very small, if you didn’t catch that in the first paragraph, there I said it again.     My new found OBSESSION (that were actually a birthday gift S/O fam) are Wonder Hanger!!!! Y’all seriously these things are MAGIC. They clear up so much space and hold up to 30lbs. Basically whenever you’re not looking through your closet you let the hanger down vertically that way you’re not taking up space vertically. Whenever you need to go pick out any clothes you pop it up vertically sift through then collapse it again. It is a game changer I promise!

I hope this helped out in some way! until next time,

love y’all


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