Darth Vader Halloween Look #2


Halloween is right around the corner! Can y’all believe we are already in October? I mean it feels like just yesterday that Spring and Summer began and here we are doing fall outfits, makeup, and prepping for Halloween. I decided to switch it up and not do a look on myself. My lovely boyfriend played guinea pig for me. He is a huuuuuge Star Wars fan, so naturally this look was a perfect fit for him. Keep scrolling for pictures and instructions.

This was mostly his idea, so I have to give credit where credit is due. I thought this was a fabulous idea and because Star Wars is so popular and will always be popular this is a great halloween costume no matter the year!

unnamed 8.26.58 PM

Close up shoot of burned skin

unnamed-1 8.26.56 PMunnamed-1

What you will need:

How To:

  1. To start you want to cut your mask however your little heart desires. We wanted to have half of his face exposed. I had my dad cut the mask (the messier the better, you don’t want it to look sharp and clean. Remember you’re burned. ) Then we burned the edges of the mask with a lighter for more effect.
  2. Next I needed to cover his brows. I wanted to use Elmer’s glue, but he wasn’t completely on board for this idea, so we decided to cover them with some tape. We stuck two sides on the tape together then taped them to his head. I don’t recommend this unless you have good lighting. We did this look in my kitchen and in photo #2 you can see the tape. This DRIVES me crazy, but I always leave the screw ups so you all can see what the real results are.
  3. Now go in with your spirit gum and and start gluing your cotton balls onto your face. Pull apart your cotton balls so they’re a little stringy and this will help it look more like tendons and things of that nature… is it tendons? I don’t know but you get the point.
  4. After you have your desired amount of cotton balls on your face (I recommend a thin layer) go ahead and start layer on some liquid latex. This will start to give you some wrinkles! the fun part 🙂
  5. while that is drying, start painting your eyes and the area around your eyes black, you can throw in some brown for definition.
  6. when you feel like your latex is dry, you can start making holes in the face, use tweezers, it is a little easier. after you make your holes start painting your burned face. I used a combination or browns, reds, and a tiny bit of black. I used black the most inside the self-made holes.
  7. then I filled those holes with the blood gel to give it a more realistic look. I also used some spray blood all over the whole face.
  8. pop in a red contact, or no contact whichever floats ya boat.
  9. Next put on your mask, grab your light saber, and take on the night!

Removal of this really wasn’t too bad. Once he got one end loose, he pulled it like a giant Biore strip haha.

I hope you liked this, different, yet fun look.

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