Makeup for Glasses


Hi, lovelies! Okay, so I am not even going to lie, I can’t completely remember every product I used…. I know that’s not super professional or helpful (whoops). But I can tell you the things that I do 🙂

I embrace my glasses. I love wearing them to switch it up from wearing my contacts and to give my eyeballs a break.


Here’s the run down:

When I wear glasses I like to look fresh (which is always I am pretty natural on the regular). A bold brow is a nice compliment to glasses. I am wearing Benefit ka-BROW! in the shade 3. It’s a nice taupe shade. For eyes, you don’t want your eyeshadow to clash with your glasses. There is already so much attention going to your eyes. You can choose no shade, just some liner, etc. I chose to use a simply pop of gold. I also threw on some Ardell Demi Whispies. Those lashes are my favorite. They compliment every face, and you can basically get them at any drug store. For the skin, I went for a dewy look. I used the Infallible Pro Glow Foundation ($12.99) for a healthy look. If you have dry skin you NEED this. Then use your favorite bronzer to warm up your skin and add some color back to your face. I added some highlight to my cheek bones, chin, tip of nose, and middle of forehead (Becca: Champagne POP). To add to this look, I used Ashley Sievert Beauty “GLOW” under my eyes. Then to finish I used a cute pink shade on my lips! You can change up your lip color for the season. A bright lip for summer or deep plum for fall would take this look to the next level!

My glasses are Spine Optics.


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